Managing Business Processes with codeBeamer’s SAP Integration

codebeamer_sap_integration-336x336 Managing Business Processes with codeBeamer's SAP Integration alm codeBeamer ALM now offers integration with SAP, ensuring data consistency and adequate process management using both tools.

The German company SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software. Its solutions aim to help enterprises manage various business processes, customer relations, and a variety of other areas, and are used by thousands of companies around the world. Offering a wide range of capabilities, SAP’s software platforms cover enterprise resource planning, asset management, strategy, finance, R&D and engineering, IT, PLM, etc.

As is the case with other robust legacy platforms (such as IBM, HP solutions) that are used by a large portion of global enterprises, other software tools may be applied to extend or enhance the functionality of SAP’s solutions. Various departments may be using different tools, all of which have to communicate with SAP management software to enable data consistency and efficient central management. Therefore, software tools that integrate well with SAP platforms are at an advantage.

That is why codeBeamer’s SAP integration was created, connecting requirements and processes between widely used SAP solutions and codeBeamer ALM. The integration, built using SAP SOAP and REST API, lets you convert SAP tickets (such as bugs, failures, ideas, etc) to codeBeamer requirements or other work items. Therefore, it lets you move collaboration, development and testing to codeBeamer while retaining process management with SAP.

Since the IDs of SAP and codeBeamer ALM tickets are synched, the two systems are able to work side by side while ensuring data consistency. After completing the assigned portion work in codeBeamer, the SAP system may be triggered automatically, and business management can resume in your SAP solution. Therefore, development teams can use codeBeamer ALM, a flexible yet powerful tool to support their development processes, while management can monitor and manage higher level processes using their SAP solution.

Release management can also be embedded in the collaborative process management framework, further enhancing the value of this integration. In SAP, the Release Manager needs an approval prior to any migration to production. Following the development phase, as a software or hardware product reaches completion in codeBeamer ALM, the SAP system may be automatically triggered and the release manger can continue the migration or deployment of the product.

Interested in finding out more about codeBeamer’s integration with SAP? Get in touch with us for more info.

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