Kanban: Comprehensive Collaborative Task Management Tools

April 02, 2014

kanban-336x336 Kanban: Comprehensive Collaborative Task Management Tools alm Kanban is a very popular for collaborative task management and the Kanban Board is widely used task Management tool in all areas of business, including front and back office activities.

The Kanban method comes from production, and was first deployed in project management, then later many other areas of business explored the added value of Kanban visualization. Today Kanban is considered a comprehensive task management tool for projects for all departments, where a steady workflow of tasks can be defined. Kanban boards have now been modernized to help teams visualize workflow, analyze processes and achieve greater task management efficiencies.

There are many specialized Kanban board tools that can strengthen task management and the collaborative working environment. Increasingly Kanban tools are integrated within platforms such as codeBeamer Application Lifecycle Management, it is equipped with a highly configurable Kanban board layer.

The integration of Kanban into a ALM tools has greatly assisted software developers to track and trace the status of tickets, bugs and issues throughout the defined workflow, simplifying testing and accelerating product release.

The Kanban features of codeBeamer ALM software are not limited to use by software development teams.

It can deliver significant advantages for other business units as well. For example within sales teams, Kanban can be used to track pre-sales activities, or issue management with accounts. In marketing, it can be used to support Scrum based Agile marketing, or in HR recruitment, Kanban is used in tools to follow up the candidate assessment process and candidate selection.

Why is codeBeamer’s Kanban board is good for all areas of business?

codeBeamers Kanban board is easy to adopt since it is tightly integrated with all modules modules, enabling its use throughout the entire workflow cycle, it can manage responsibilities and can be customized to the task structure for each business unit, or functional areas of business.

Kanban helps to increase efficiency of task management by:

  1. Enabling collaborative editing of tasks.
  2. Allowing the use flags for priorities as well as sending notifications and change alerts
  3. Ensuring an overview of all tasks’ status across the workflow
  4. Providing an easy track back facility of change history
  5. Setting WIP limits that helps to avoid resource overloads.
  6. Facilitating filtering of tasks by setting assignees, swim lanes, time period, project.

Kanban not only provides a clear and quick visualization for teams and departments of every kind, but it also tracks progress and supports collaboration. Take a look at codeBeamer Kanban board short video.

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