Issues that Demand Management Solutions Solve

October 15, 2013

solutions-devops-1 Issues that Demand Management Solutions Solve alm The new version of codeBeamer has extended features focusing on demand management. Before designing a support tool for demand management, it’s important to define the critical issues throughout the demand management lifecycle. Intland collected the following issues that usually need to be tackled by a demand management tool and are necessary to support both demand managers and demand execution staff across the organization.

These shortlisted issues can be easily solved by using codeBeamer application lifecycle management with its specific features dedicated to demand management.

  • Issue 1: Prioritization of demand (ranking, voting, decision on demand priorities) – Many business units generate demand across the organization. Usually demand originates from different office locations, with their own priorities. The ability to sharing demand requests is necessary especially in distributed operations, with demand voting from managers. Making decision on the final ranking of demand is a key issue that needs support from a collaboration platform that supports demand management.
  • Issue 2: Full traceability along the demand route – A „Demand route” can be defined as demand generation, demand evolution and conversion of demands into requirements for further processing. Most of the cases demand collection, approval and execution of demand is managed by different systems at large organizations. Therefore the demand route is only partly traceable and there is no full visibility on the demand execution status.
  • Issue 3: Demand Change Management – A Change request related to demand must start a procedure that includes change approval, manage execution according to the change and share information throughout the whole demand management process down to the development. Efficient communication and collaboration is essential to simplify approval at the management level, and channel the information correctly for implementation to occur.
  • Issue 4: Estimation of effort for demand realization – This issue is one of the most challenging, as estimation has to be based on execution planning data. Approval and prioritization of demand should be influenced by effort and resource request; therefore the proper demand management system has to support effort estimation, and lead time assessment.
  • Issue 5: Quality Assurance of demand execution – Demand managers expect to have traceability of demand execution, including the final quality performance. In those cases when demand management is connected to ALM system KPI’s, like test results, then quality indicators are available.

codeBeamer 7.2 version has a new set of features that can solve the above highlighted issues along the demand management lifecycle. codeBeamer supports demand collection voting and provides a ranking mechanism. Through integration with application lifecycle management, codeBeamer supports the assignment of approved demand to project managers for execution, provides a facility for collaboration and communication along the whole life cycle and through the use of the integrated QA features it can help demand management to evaluate the results.

If you have further comments to demand management issues Intland has opened this post for comments to discuss industry practices. Please contact us for further inquiries related to demand management.

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