An IoT Society is a Greener Society

February 03, 2016

Intland-Software-Growing-complexity-Internet-of-things-336x336 An IoT Society is a Greener Society alm The Internet of Things does away with the throw away society of yesteryear and ushers in a new age where the software development and networked embedded electronics (smart devices) provides the means to facilitate a new order of things, a society where things are updated rather than thrown away.

Dubbed Industry 4.0 by the German Government, it is an interconnected future where Product Maintence and Continuous Development are a pre-requisit to being a manufacturer at all. For business it is a value proposition, and an opportunity to extend the lifespan of otherwise defunct product models.

Building quality will be its own reward as building to last will bring greater ROI.

Integrated Service Desk: Real Time Feedback and Communication

The evolution and extension of Agile Development to DevOps provides the means by which consumer feedback can occur in real time and by which action can be taken and communicated via an integrated Service Desk. An IoT society is one where feature requests can be made directly to development team in real time and new features requested and supplied as a product updated remotely for free or at additional cost.

Inevitably software bugs do occur and when they do, the Operations Service Desk can also be used to report directly to the development and testing teams, feeding into bug trackers and then provide feedback to the client on progress made on the the issue. With IoT devices, bug fixes can be remotely pushed to all products in circulation with the same problem, fixing the issue before most customers ever knowing there was a problem.

Along with the physical ability to update a companies catalog of products remotely, will come the consumer demand that it be done, – the expectation that updates will and should be applied. A popular movement, might well lead to a political will, driving the adoption of rules and regulations concerning IoT use. Ultimately it may well become a legal requirement for manufacturers to produce products that can be remotely updated and that these products must be maintained with updates and new features, inducements such as fines might be used, or simply the fear of being labelled a dirty producer might be enough incentive.

The Challenge: Developing Products with Embedded Electronics

Manufacturers must embrace the idea of building products to last longer while discovering new ways to make existing products better with embedded electronics. Key to success is the use of the sensory data generated by smart products, intelligence on how consumers use the product. The product lifecycle will become increasingly complex, unmanageable with the traditional product lifecycle management tools, requiring tools for software development as well. There is however no need to migrate away from existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM Software), however, these systems can be integrated with Application Lifecycle Management Software (ALM Sofware) however, these systems can be integrated with Application Lifecycle Management Software (ALM Sofware). ALM Sofware is designed for managing the complexity of IoT development projects, enabling continuous testing and integration associated with DevOps.

Intland Softwares codeBeamer ALM can be integrated with any PLM system thanks to its comprehensive Business Managament (BPM) and SOAP API. It is designed to meet the needs of IoT development / Industry 4.0 and is completely web based (can be setup internally behind enterprise firewalls). Its is based on Amazon Infrastructure and therefore highly scaleable for Big Data use, capable of handling the millions of artifacts typically associated with large enterprise use. codeBeamer’s primary customer base are clients with complex scenarios dealing with highly regulated industries such as Aviation, Healthcare and Automotive manufacture. This kind of client requires end to end traceability with complete transparency throughout the development lifecycle while providing on-demand access to reports for due diligence to meet industry standard requirements.

codeBeamer ALM features  are exactly those necessary to meet the demands of IoT. See Intland Software codeBeamer feature list.

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