Increase Test Efficiency with Parametrization

April 11, 2014

blog-post-141411-increase-test-efficiency-with-parametrization-336x336 Increase Test Efficiency with Parametrization alm In advanced Test Management solutions, parametrized testing supports the re-use of test cases and the importing or defining of test parameters for test runs with many different parameters. Parameters are attributes with different values that describe the live environment. Without parametrization, users need to replicate test cases with each and all parameters, which requires a lot of duplicated efforts. Advanced test management systems makes it possible to re-use test cases from other projects via shared test case library. Parameters can be set according to the product failure profiles and describing them in the real live environments. Achieving high maturity level of testing efficiency and accuracy requires having defined test cases in the library and a good set of test parameters.

Parametrization in an Agile software environment is particularly important. Agile is focused on shorter delivery time, yet developers are still forced to maintain high quality standard in order to fulfill customers’ expectations and to maximize the value delivered. Parametrized testing ensures more accurate testing, higher code quality and faster testing procedures, resulting in an increase in the overall software development and test efficiency.

How to implement parametrized testing?

  1. Determine attributes that fit the product profile. For example, in the automotive industry, a car breaking system test needs to be executed with varying speed and weight parameters.
  2. Define possible values of attributes that reflect the real life situations.
  3. Define a test case for the breaking system by inserting the attribute: eg.: “speed” and “weight”
  4. Import the parameter values table specific to the test case.
  5. Execute test runs with that set of parameters.

Experts usually agree that Test Parametrization increases the overall quality of code, resulting in increased confidence in the code.

codeBeamer 7.3 version supports Test Case re-use via shared Test Case libraries and test parametrization.

for codeBeamer 7.3 Test Management with parametrization.

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