How ALM Software Benefits Business?

April 27, 2016

How-ALM-Software-Benefits-Business-336x336 How ALM Software Benefits Business? alm In a world reliant on the internet and the internet of things, that is increasingly reliant on software to provide new cutting edge features to add value, investment in your development teams, their infrastructure and development tools can make the difference between success and failure of products. The features of ALM Software bring many of the different disciplines necessary for successful software development together under one platform and collectively enable complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). These disciplines include:-

Even before Requirements Management, codeBeamer ALM Software provides Demand Management which serves the purpose of establishing what the features and requirements of a software product should be. This is done through a collaborative prioritization process, canvassing all stakeholders and end users representatives across all departments, codeBeamer provides the features that enable the initial consultation process, ensuring that this development stage can be comprehensive and inclusive. More advanced ALM Software solutions such as codeBeamer ALM provide IT Services Management with an integrated service desk. This enables the break down of silos between development and IT operations departments, and is necessary for facilitating + implementing DevOps within the enterprise.

There are far too many features to go into detail here, and since every feature has been covered in detail, we are going to take a different approach here and look at what the many features provide in terms of business value. Every feature has a development function, a purpose and these extrapolate out to reasons why business should adopt it. Below is a quick top 12 reasons why to adopt ALM Software. (couldn’t get it down to 10).

Why Business should adopt ALM Software

  1. Provides an enterprise view of all projects
  2. Strengthens Agile team working, by empowering members and thereby creating a greater sense of satisfaction.
  3. Mitigates the risks of development by improving consistancy of quality.
  4. Enhances teams ability to react to changing requirements.
  5. Improves resource allocation by improving communication between and within teams.
  6. Reduces the development cycle time, cutting the time to market time frame.
  7. Reduces the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by integrating feedback mechanisms (Service desk)
  8. DevOps enabler, removing barriers to effective development + operations communication.
  9. Business can benefit from implementing flexible working schedules or even Distributed working, allowing remote team working and consequently reduce office capacity and associated costs of office management.
  10. Variants Management and Requirements Reuse are great for a range of products in an embedded environment.
  11. Provides transparency in development, vital for compliance and for building and retaining Owners trust.
  12. Provides complete traceability of projects, necessary for insurance purposes and required by governement related projects. Also necessary for the auditing of compliance with industry standards. codeBeamer makes auditing a painless process.

codeBeamer ALM Software provides the most complete implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework to date, necessary for business to scale agile and hybrid models of development across all projects, departments and enterprise wide. With its Business Process Management (BPM) functionality codeBeamer enables the integration of ALM with PLM systems and any other ERP software, opening up a miriade of different use applications across the enterprise.

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