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March 21, 2014

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Are You Ready for the Autonomous Car?  Gear up with ALM Software for Automotive Suppliers to avoid recalls and software failures.

The Autonomous Car, otherwise known as a Driverless Car or Self-driving car will be in mass production by 2020, – that is if Google has its way. At the beginning of 2013, Anthony Levandowsky, project manager for Google’s self-driving robotic car, addressed a meeting of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and declared that the technology may be ready within half a decade. It is important to note that Google is not interested in producing cars, but rather in engineering the software for the car manufacturers.

Automotive Industry: Recalls and Software Failures

Many of the giants of the automotive industry already have their own driverless car prototypes, including Nissan, Toyota and BMW, not forgetting Mercedes-Benz and General Motors. In Europe, Volvo recently demonstrated its wireless „Platoon” technology codename STARTRE. In the US, four states have now legalized driverless cars, Nevada, Florida and California as well as the District of Columbia.

There are 100,000,000 lines of code in the modern car such as Toyota Prius Hybrid, and it will be much more in future with the advent of driverless cars. One recent high profile case of software failure resulted in the recall of 1.9 million Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles highlighting the potential risks of increasing software complexity.

Such cases do not give confidence to the consumer as shown by a recent study by automotive supplier Continental. In interviews, sixty-six percent said that automated driving “rather scares me”. In answer to another question, half of respondents said that they do not believe that the technology will ever function reliably.

Clearly, a way to ensure embedded software quality is necessary, not only to reassure consumers, – but crucially to ensure their safety in a transparent way.

Embedded software quality assurance with codeBeamer ALM software

We have considerable experience and expertise in embedded software quality assurance. Our codeBeamer ALM solution is used widely within the automotive industry as a tool to aid software development. It provides transparency and traceability in development right through the Application Development Lifecycle, supporting not only Lean (developed by Toyota) and Agile development methods, but also a wide variety of different development methods including Hybrid models.

Our codeBeamer ALM modules include QA Test Management, defect, task and issue management, and is suited to create safety-related systems developed in processes according to ISO/DIS 26262 and IEC 61508. It is ideal for automotive engineering organizations developing safety-related embedded systems up to ASIL-D or SIL3.

See how codeBeamer ALM solution assists automotive suppliers to create safety-related systems.

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