ALM in the Cloud is Great for Agile Development

November 29, 2013

alm-in-the-cloud-is-great-for-agile-development-168x168 ALM in the Cloud is Great for Agile Development alm Fast changing requirements and expectations “push” companies to find ways to increase revenues and decrease the costs of software development. Agile development has been around for more than a decade since at its core it is designed for changing requirements. Agile software development has been adopted by most software developers to some degree to improve quality and reduce the application development lifecycle.

Cloud computing is often considered as a game changer, a facilitator for agile development. Cloud computing allows companies to free up valuable IT resources by running complicated and expensive software stacks via remote computing resources. It reduces costs, and as an elastic system it enables auto scaling; – to increase or decrease the amount of resources depending on what the services required. It has a huge advantage over traditional servers that are only offered with a fixed server load. Needless to say, it is highly beneficial for businesses with unpredictable traffic flow.

Cloud computing is a key enabler for increasing the speed of development and experts predict that cloud computing will rapidly grow in the coming years as will the need for ALM software to assist the management of agile development.

Today there are many (cloud-based) ALM tools on the market, however not every ALM tool supports Agile development. The real challenge is to choose the “right” ALM software for your team.

What You Should Look for in ALM Software:

  • What kind of modules the ALM software offers – i.e. Demand Management; Requirements Management and Release Management etc. Are the modules integrated into the Application lifecycle process?
  • What value the ALM tool offers – features and modules are part of the package or they are add- on plug-ins provided by 3rd party vendors for additional cost
  • What kind of development methodologies that ALM Software supports – it should be designed for use with the SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework) at Enterprise level.
  • Integration into Version Control System while not every cloud-based ALM tool provides integration with multiple version control systems or test automation systems.
  • ALM tool that provides extensive support in the implementation of the software, with training provided.
  • Compare budget invested to the benefits such as better traceability, compliance with standards etc. the ALM tool has to offer.
  • Do you require your ALM Software to run in house? Can it be installed on company intranets behind firewalls?

Learn more about how codeBeamer ALM supports Agile software development.

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