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November 08, 2013

time-to-adapt-168x93 ALM for Agile Marketers alm Do you feel that you are an agile marketer? Below I highlight some similarities between how software development and marketing teams work. You might find these insights to be true for your own teams as well and help you identify if your team are agile working or not. My statements are in reflection upon reading Jim Ewels’ blog , who describes how agile marketers work.

What is the quintessence of agility in marketing?

  1. Short marketing experiments
  2. Frequent feedback collection
  3. Ability to change based on market conditions

I started to learn about Scrum two months ago. And put simply, my conclusion is that Scrum does fits nicely into to the marketing team working. The reason why is that marketing is a chain of actions and interactions where success is often hard to gauge. In addition marketing is usually accumulates high costs. A department where results are unpredictable and that costs a lot of money? Yes this is marketing.

Recently I have been looking to address this issue and came across this article by Nadim Hossain about how to turn marketing into a revenue driver, rather than a cost center for the company. I think following the agile practices in marketing, could be one way.

SCRUM supports to shorten the marketing experiment time by defining Sprints. Scrum based collaboration supports teams by collecting feedback and analyzes marketing projects quickly and thus facilitates change in action. In marketing sometimes we cannot predict if our campaign will succeed or fail. We try to use our experience from the past but there are so many new practices, new tools that we would like to try, where we don’t have prior experience. Therefore we need to test and collect feedback, and then try to make improvements and if that doesn’t work, then we change again.

How ALM comes to the picture? My colleagues gave me a tool, which is an agile ALM tool. Its functionality is exactly what we need in marketing. The SCRUM usage among software developers has matured, but this is not the case among marketing departments, but I managed to get ours on board. We closed two sprints thus far and achieved 80 story points in the first sprint and similar number in the second. Is this good? I don’t know. If we make 100 story points in the next sprint, I think we can say we improved.

One thing is certain; by shortening the time of the experiment we reduce uncertainty and expenditure without success. SCRUM helps to identify what works and what doesn’t quickly and ALM provides traceability. Both are applicable tools for agile marketers.

Check out our “ALM for Agile Marketers” video to see how to use Agile ALM solution in Marketing.

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