My Agile Marketing Manifesto

December 19, 2013

my-agile-marketing-manifesto-336x336 My Agile Marketing Manifesto agile 3 months ago, when we started to use Scrum in marketing, I set up my agile marketing manifesto after reading many gurus’ recommendations:

  • Short time planning
  • Rapid iterations
  • Test/Do/Change
  • Performance

I expected quickly tangible results, full transparency, having a happy and motivated team.

My recommendations to other “agile marketers”:

Apply an agile support tool!

With an agile project management tool, its easier to understand and apply techniques, like Scrum. We used codeBeamer Agile ALM as we adapted Scrum method from software development.

Make progress visible!

We use Kanban to follow what is todo, in progress, done and we can schedule our work accordingly.

Deliver results quickly!

We use 4 weeks long sprints. Scrum is ideal for distributed teams at different locations. Our delivery time in marketing is really short, therefore we need a lot of communication.

Focus on collaboration!

Use wiki to share info and collaborative editing of content, and ensure access to everything at anytime and from anywhere. Wiki history makes me confident to follow up what is going on.

Make performance transparent!

Use story points to differentiate tasks’ complexity. Set up a common agreement about how to use it (how many points can be given to certain types of tasks) and you can compare performance by comparing story points achieved in different sprints.

Try to measure!

My team’s with 4 full time persons’ performance is visible, and balanced, each month we executed 55-65 tasks with 145-155 story points. Learn more about how to use codeBeamer ALM for agile marketing support.

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