Medical Device ALM + PLM integration

December 17, 2013

integration-of-plm-alm-software-for-affordable-implants-168x168 Medical Device ALM + PLM integration agile Life expectancy is continually increasing and due to general wear and tear throughout life more people require implants. The demand for implants is greater than ever before and it drives the healthcare industry to find new solution to manufacture individual (shaped to fit) and affordable implants.

In the past the manufacturers were unlikely to produce individual implants due to the high production costs. Surgeons frequently had to use standard “one size fits all” implants. It required shaping the bones of the patients instead of altering the implants to fit. The consequences of this procedure included loss of bone mass and density often causing further diseases later in life.

Siemens realized the issue and developed a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to display bones, cartilages or joints on the screen. It helps surgeons to visualize the right part of the bone to remove and the correct way to insert implants.

Benefits of Integration of PLM – ALM: Decreasing Costs And Increasing Productivity

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution enables manufacturers to produce bespoke implants greatly reduce the production costs. However, – manufacturing implants and other medical devices is a very complex process and products require more system and software today. ALM is essential to software development teams to manage their process from defining requirements to deliver releases. ALM can no longer be seen as optional but is rather a “necessary addition” to Product Lifecycle Management.

A seamless and well-integrated ALM-PLM solution brings great business values as follow:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreasing production costs
  • Improved product quality
  • Better collaboration
  • Faster product delivery to market
  • Acceleration of innovation
  • Full traceability and visibility

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