Improve Your Scrum Meeting, 15 Minutes to Heaven

February 24, 2014

scrum_meeting-336x336 Improve Your Scrum Meeting, 15 Minutes to Heaven agile Since Agile and Scrum revolutionized the software development, the daily Scrum meeting has become a ritual in the lives of many teams. Daily Scrum meetings should be organized to energize and motivate the team.

You might think it is easy to organize a Scrum meeting, however there are several common problems that often arise during daily Scrum meetings and are better to avoid if possible. If the Scrum meeting is not held on a regular bases it often becomes a “session” where team members only deal with urgent matters which makes it impossible for the team to focus on the bigger goals. Scrum meetings can often be seen as a “loyalty test” and will be organized too early or too late in the evening. It is not only inappropriate but seriously undermines the confidence and motivation within the team.

10 Tips to have a productive daily Scrum meeting:

1. Daily Scrum meeting is better to be organized in the morning to help team members to set priorities for the day.

2. The best is if everyone answers upto 3 simple questions to see what the progress has been made and to avoid discussing urgent matters. The questions should focus on

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What do you do today?
  • Is there anything that stops you to do your work?

3. However problems can’t be necessarily solved with a simple scrum meeting any difficult situation can be improved if it becomes a platform where team members can share better techniques and ideas.

4. If the team discusses obstacles and challenges from the perspective of the work they might feel motivated to solve it quicker.

5. Scrum meetings should be held at the same time each day and rescheduled only if it is absolutely necessary. It helps the team to develop “the sense of ownership” of the meeting and to quell any hostile atmosphere.

6. Scrum meeting should be kept short. Long meetings kill the positive energy and team members will lose focus after a few minutes.

7. People dislike reporting to an “appointed” leader. Changing the leadership from meeting to meeting can encourage team members to speak their mind.

8. Team members should be encouraged to share and communicate. An effective team can be only built by regularly working together and helping each other to overcome obstacles.

9. It is recommended to use Kanban board to help team members to visualize daily tasks and set priorities.

10. The Product Owner should only attend the meeting if the team feels comfortable with it. Otherwise, the Scrum Master (or Team Leader) should translate his desires into tasks and keep him updated.

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