How to Scale Scrum Effectively

December 09, 2014

solutions-by-industry-business-and-financial-services How to Scale Scrum Effectively agile When looking for guides and strategies for Scaling Frameworks for Enterprise use, Scaling Scrum is by far the most commonly talked about with numerous Enterprise adoption case studies documenting the benefits. These case studies usually promote one or another of a growing number of strategies for Scaling Scrum. Despite Scrums popularity there seems to be a serious knowledge deficit in relation to how to Scale Scrum, one recent quiz done by the folks at highlighted the problem. From the 19,042 people who took the quiz the average score after the first month was only 54.2% (only 10 questions with a passing grade of 85%). Ken Schwaber described these questions as being of medium difficulty.

Firstly, it must be said that no Enterprise should even attempt Scaling Scrum until it has been proven at the team level. When I say proven, I speak of consistency across numerous projects completed over time, demonstrating efficient use of Scrum.

An ALM tool is necessary for the Enterprise scaling of Scrum, the best of which have the functionality to address the associated problems listed below and the required personnel must be in place with clear roles and responsibilities assigned. Of particular importance is that there is a clear knowledgeable leadership with a proven record of accomplishment and with a roadmap for adoption specific to the business case in question. Although there is no single template for Scaling Scrum suitable for all business models, there are common problems associated with scaling Scrum.

Often when Scaling Scrum common technical problems occur that can be avoided or certainly managed simply by answering the questions below. Forewarned is to be forearmed!

Key Technical Questions to Resolve before attempting to Scale Scrum

  • How to scale and control artifacts with complete traceability.
  • How to measure and monitor work with multiple teams.
  • How to integrate versions at the beginning of the Sprint, as opposed to at the end.
  • How to gather product requirements from across the organization, quickly and efficiently.
  • How to ensure complete traceability on workflow throughout the development lifecycle.
  • How to manage change with Scaled Scrum
  • How to manage Big Data in Development

If your business is struggling with managing project complexity or with any of the above questions then check out our Scrum Project Template that was created to support teams working Agile with Scrum and Kanban software development methodologies.

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