How to Adopt Scrum at Enterprise Level

October 10, 2014

Adopt-Scrum-at-Enterprise-Level-Intland-Software-336x336 How to Adopt Scrum at Enterprise Level  agile Is Scrum an Agile framework with simple rules? Can we use Scrum for multi-team, multi-location and multi-project environment? What are the roles and responsibilities within companies using Scrum?

Since 1999, we have pioneered the use of Agile from small teams to large enterprises with many teams. From our considerable experience we have established what works and what does not, but more than that, we have come to realize some common practices that facilitate success when adopting Scrum at Enterprise level.

Scrum in a Nutshell

On the most basic of levels, Scrum should be used to manage Scrum teams, a Scrum of Scrums is a term that could be used to describe this, going beyond the team task board / Kanban board, to an Enterprise wide Kanban Board. When multiple teams collaborate closely, then a single backlog should be maintained. Similarly, there are occasions when collaborating teams should synchronize sprints and in such situations, individual team Scrum Masters must collaborate closely, providing a common set of goals. Over and above all this is the need to liaise with the Product Owner on a daily basis.

From the top, when using Scrum to manage Scrum, an enterprise-wide Scrum Master should be in place. The role could be entitled Enterprise Scrum Master, Business Scrum Master or Company Scrum Master.

Scrum at Enterprise Level: Roles and Responsibilities

Whatever the role name, the responsibilities are the same and these can include the following:

  • Organization of the different Project Product Owners from across the enterprise.
  • Coordinates Owner Daily Scrums
  • Oversees the enterprise-wide Scrum / Kanban Board
  • Performance Management – Tracks and acts to remove impediments to action
  • Oversees the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) implementation
  • Oversees the adoption of Scrum Tools designed for use with the Scaled Agile Framework (codeBeamer ALM)
  • Enterprise-wide Burndown Chart
  • Organizing the individual Project Scrum of Scrum meetings on a regular basis, coordinating the various collaborating teams and stakeholders as well as ensuring the involvement of the end users (contributors to product development). Meeting size depends on the number of teams involved.

Read more about Scrum, Scrumban or Agile or if feel like you’re ready, download our SCRUM template right now!

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