Feedback: Agile Practices in the embedded industry

March 06, 2014

At Embedded World 2014 in Nuremberg we not only exhibited but collected useful feedback from people about their use of Agile practices.

We asked the embedded industry to share their views about how Agile increases productivity and reduces time to market and about version control system and what importance the different modules (Requirements Management, Software Development, Test Management, Demand Management and DevOps) play in their daily work.

Now, we happy to share the answers of embedded device producers, software developers, automation and mechanical engineers they are familiar with agile practices.

Regarding Scrum more than 30% of the responders said they use daily stand up meetings at work, and around 20% of them also use project backlog, user stories and sprint planning. The majority of responders confirmed that Agile techniques increase the efficiency of collaboration, better motivate team members, and improve traceability throughout the development process.

The survey revealed that a shorter release time and that the quicker access to the market with new releases, are one of the main reasons to use Agile. We also found that that 50% of the responders still use waterfall –V model in software development.

The most popular version control system remains Git by 35%The second most popular is SVN with 25%, than Mercurial and CVS with 5-5%. Other version controls are used in a wide mix.

The most important functions of the application lifecycle are requirements management and test management, followed by software development. Demand management and IT operations are bit behind but they still remain important features.

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