Agile, SAFe and DevOps – Replacing ITIL

February 26, 2016

How-does-DevOps-help-your-business-to-grow-336x336 Agile, SAFe and DevOps - Replacing ITIL DevOps The introduction of ITIL as a formal approach to enterprise IT Service Management (ITSM) put in place order and structure where previously there was none to speak of.  The benefits were dramatic, greatly improving IT service, in terms of both quality and speed of service, thereby greatly improving customer satisfaction. Its success has made it difficult to convert those accustomed to ITIL to Agile DevOps.

It’s a difficult prospect to sell, changing something that works well for something that’s better.

Those who have experienced the before and after effect of ITIL and reaped the rewards, consider its continued use a necessary evil.  ITIL does work, but only in the sense that what came before was just so appalling.  From zero it’s not hard to achieve something better.  Nevertheless, the idea of changing the emphasis from structure and upfront planning of ITIL to the flexibility of Agile, even within an agile framework such as the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), is understandably counter intuitive and a risky proposition.

The growth of DevOps was therefore never going to be a sea change in how things are done, but rather an incremental process, adopting it, process by process. This is despite helpful Agile Frameworks (ie SAFe), that have proven to be essential for facilitating enterprise adoption of Agile; exchanging the necessary evil of structure of ITIL for an Agile construct, something better, – a DevOps enterprise.

The biggest barrier to DevOps adoption is often referred to as the Agile cultural change, which is necessary for successful adoption of Agile.  This applies to DevOps too because DevOps is Agile extended for IT Operations.  This cultural change is particularly a problem at the upper management level, purely because ITIL trained managers face a big work culture change, they don’t understand or often don’t want to understand how they can retain control and let go at the same time, assigning management tasks and ownership to the team.  Consequently managers trained in ITIL (several million worldwide, within 10,000 global enterprises) are often an obstacle to implementing DevOps.

ITIL trained managers must embrace DevOps or be seen as a barrier to adoption.

It is for this very reason that when adopting DevOps, SAFe is selected for upscaling and extending Agile for DevOps, and that the necessary chosen Application Lifecycle Management solution (ALM Software), has the features necessary for both implementing and managing the entirety of the Scaled Agile Framework, including the extension of SAFe for DevOps (including an integrated service desk).

In combination, the structure provided by SAFe and the implementation thereof with codeBeamer ALM; and the associated training provided by Intland Software provides the optimal environment to facilitate the cultural change necessary for successful DevOps adoption.

Watch the video below to learn how codeBeamer ALM can be used to facilitate adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework for IT Service processa and for use with DevOps while maintaining ITIL. Note the form below the video for further information requests

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