How does DevOps help your business to grow?

June 12, 2015

How-does-DevOps-help-your-business-to-grow-336x336 How does DevOps help your business to grow? DevOps Have you ever wondered how DevOps can support your business? Is DevOps only an IT support tool or is it more than that? What else is DevOps good for?

Although there is no agreement on the definition of DevOps, with everyone using slightly different terminology to describe it, there is a working consensus of implementation. DevOps is often understood as a tool to resolve the disconnect between Development and Operation. However here at Intland Software we believe that DevOps is essential for the entire business, with continuous delivery and customer feedback driving business growth.

DevOps: How to optimize your business

The Background of DevOps: CAMS, CALMS or CALMSS
There are many terms for defining DevOps. John Willis and Damon Edwards created the first acronym, CAMS in 2010. Later, Jez Humble added an „L“(Lean) to CAMS. The acronym, CALMS stands for:

  • Culture – Accelerate collaboration and communication
  • Automation – Take manual steps out of your value chain
  • Lean – Use Lean principles to enable higher cycle frequency
  • Metrics – Measure everything and use data to refine cycles
  • Sharing – Share experiences, successful or not, to enable others to learn

As Eveline Oehrlich from Forester explained that they believe that „DevOps must be supported with a solid sourcing strategy to extend the ecosystem”, and that is how a new term “CALMSS” by Forester was born.

Projects are often developed by using different methodologies like Scrum, Kanban etc., while production is done by using various processes such as ITIL. Individually, both Development and Operation teams do everything to optimize their parts of the business but they usually do not cooperate. As we know the disconnect between the two departments is often responsible for communication failures and consequently operational bottlenecks.

DevOps helps business to resolve the disconnect between development and operations bringing development and operations together.

The main benefits of DevOps for your business:

  • DevOps helps business to grow by optimizing the complete system instead of individual silos.
  • DevOps has an IT focus; however, it supports collaboration and optimization across the whole organization.
  • DevOps has Lean and Agile roots. DevOps assists business to respond faster to changes.
  • DevOps assists collaboration. It helps business to understand what went wrong, learn from it and improve it.
  • DevOps helps business to respond to changed requirements by getting feedback.
  • Automation makes it possible for DevOps to reduce the tension between Development and Operation by making both understand what the others are doing.

DevOps discovers not only technology issues, but also all business process problems and therefore DevOps helps business to grow by ensuring you can optimize the complete system and not only individual silos.

Learn more about DevOps and working with codeBeamer as well as Continuous Delivery & DevOps in Practice and our Application Development Service Desk solution.

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