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October 23, 2015

Intland-Software-Blog-DevOps-Enterprise-Guide-336x336 DevOps Enterprise Guide DevOps Do you hear the term DevOps every day but still struggle with understanding the complete meaning? Are you unsure about the benefits of DevOps and what features DevOps tools should have?

If so, then our white paper titled DevOps Enterprise Guide is just the perfect resource for you. It includes the answers to many of your questions. Let us give you a short introduction to DevOps, its importance, and its benefits, as well as a few practical implementations.

Does DevOps originate from the Waterfall development method?

One objective of Waterfall development was to remove any failures occurring through the development and release of software. Waterfall development tried to achieve this by aligning design and testing phases with development. As a result, the actual development lifecycle (SDLC) was isolated from operations. The emergence of Agile Development, and the subsequent extension of Agile for operations has proven to be an efficient solution, a clear leader from among the DevOps (development + operations) implementation options.

Is DevOps a cultural approach or a practice?

In short, the answer is both. DevOps can be regarded as a set of values, as well as certain methods and practices that help align the goals of development and operations. While software developers want to build as many great features in a product as possible, operations is looking to ensure that the product is safe and reliable. DevOps helps by aligning development and operations, providing them with opportunities to collaborate and thus helping them find a “common ground” to develop final products (working software) that is reliable and meets clients’ expectations.

What are the main benefits of DevOps?

  • How does DevOps support collaboration and enable you to deploy faster?
  • How does DevOps help you to recover faster after an unexpected event?
  • How does DevOps help you to maintain and scale the operations process?

Download our white paper to see the benefits of DevOps, as well as the features that should be considered when assessing DevOps tools. You can also learn why codeBeamer ALM is one of the 20 most promising DevOps solutions.

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DevOps Enterprise Guide

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