DevOps and The Internet of Things (IoT)

August 07, 2015

Intland-Software-Internet-of-things-DevOps-336x336 DevOps and The Internet of Things (IoT) DevOps With the emergence of Big Data and the Internet of things (IoT), the value of DevOps has become all too clear, breaking down the traditional barriers between Agile Development and Operations.  This new interconnected world where business networks and their applications share data with, not only the increasingly connected, mobile end user, – providing products and services, but also with other business networks.  For business this is an environment that provides real time feedback and a wealth of sensory big data to capitalize upon, enabling further product improvements with new features through updates.

The very ability of vendors to provide new features and push updates wirelessly is fueling  the expectations of consumers for increased functionality through embedded software.

It is the increasing speed of innovation that makes DevOps a business requirement.

For the uninitiated, DevOps is Agile Development, extended to include IT Operations.  It enables all potential stakeholders, including the managers, devopers, operations and QA teams to collaborate and communicate more efficiently about the product features, speeding up the entire production process.

DevOps enables business to predict operational and quality problems through real time performance monitoring and data analytics, a far cry from the reliance on the post-production data of old.

DevOps within the Scaled Agile Framework provides Continuous testing and the continuous integration necessary for  continuous improvement and continuous delivery, – precisely the requirement of the consumer.  The business value is obvious, DevOps ensures business partners and the end consumer are happy customers, but it also reduces the risks associated with application development through improved code validation (continuous testing).

The future is Agile with DevOps, it requires software for Scaling Agile development and for IT Operations,  ALM Software suitable for use with the Scaled Agile Framework ( SAFe).

codeBeamer ALM meets all of the above requirements, fully supporting the Scaled Agile Framework and therefore, continuous testing and continuous integration.  We have produced an extensive guide to DevOps ( Part 1 and Part 2).

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