Benefits of Scaling Agility

December 13, 2013

Dean Leffingwell released the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) in 2012 as a publicly available framework for implementing Lean|Agile practices at enterprise scale. Agile methods are widely applied in software development at the team level, SAFe® defines how to take Agile principles above team level into program and portfolio level.

The main objective of SAFe® is to deliver the high quality software products and deliver value to both business and customer alike, producing greater customer satisfaction at lower cost, while improving employee satisfaction at the same time, and doing it at scale. SAFe® concept integrates great software engineering practices (like XP – extreme programming) and process/management best practices (Lean, Scrum and Kanban) in order to ensure that quality remains the key objective.

Across several SAFe® implementation projects by Dean Leffingwell there are already indicators that describe the main benefits that can be achieved by using SAFe®.

agile-alm-slash-administration-for-software-developers Benefits of Scaling Agility agile

Jacob Creech, SAFe® program consultant shared similar list of main benefits in his blog.

  • Alignment– helping everyone have the same understanding of the project they are working on;
  • High Quality Software using technical best practices to give better user experience and reduce waste and delays,
  • Delivering More Value Sooner, getting the right value to our users faster.

It is sure, that further improvements and other emerging agility scaling models will be published in the future, but SAFe® is already a good and complex model that provides the basis to start scaling software development. Scrum is ideal for teams, but SAFe® addresses the problems we face as we scale our Scrum process from one team to multiple teams, and all of the other problems that may be associated with scaling.

codeBeamer covers SAFe® portfolio-program-team level as an agile ALM tool. Download codeBeamer here.

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