Are You Agile, or Are You an Agile Slave

January 16, 2014

agile_slave-168x168 Are You Agile, or Are You an Agile Slave agile We are surrounded with military conflicts; natural disasters and a global financial crisis. These are just a few examples of events that can have a huge impact on business.

To be Agile is to be able to adapt to a changing business environment. Companies that work in a constantly changing environment can’t neglect “Agile working” and Agile tools should be implemented to prevent the potential failure of daily operations. Many organizations have already adopted an Agile approach and some have implemented Agile tools.

Employees often don’t see what diverse team members do and what the team does as a whole and therefore unintentionally they just don’t collaborate. Managers believe that the lack of the strong collaboration is as a result of remote working in distributed teams, – but in many cases the “non-Agile” company culture is what is responsible for the ineffective communications. Compared to traditional hierarchies that dominate the workplace, “Agile working” focuses on the activity of the employees and not the place where they work from. Companies working Agile should put performance in the spotlight to encourage innovation and collaboration. If individuals only do their work without strong collaboration with their colleagues the company can’t keep up with the constant change.

A few tips to become Agile:

  • Focus should be on individual performance of employees regardless of their location. ”Gathering” employees into an office might be counterproductive.
  • Agile working is all about team-work, and not about micro-managing. Rotate the “managing role” among employees can help the company to do things differently.
  • Working “Agile” requires no project management or quality control since employees in different roles should take equal responsibility to bring projects forward.
  • Employees should be encouraged to be interested in what happens within the company and outside of, and within the wider marketplace and should be an environment where feedback is encouraged.

Becoming Agile is a major cultural change within any organization and can be difficult to implement. codeBeamer ALM contains all the key modules and functionality to foster better collaboration, no matter the model of Agile working or size or number of teams (fully scalable).

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