Apply Agile Principles in Marketing

October 18, 2013

I’m in marketing. I recognized that SCRUM is not only for software development project managers. I’m also using it. Do you have a similar experience?

blog-post-img-131018-168x147 Apply Agile Principles in Marketing agile I’m a coordinator of a small marketing and business development team. Initially, when I first met with SCRUM methodology I was sure it was only applicable for software development. The approach and its terminology were so ‘techie’. After I had heard that it was a very efficient tool to manage small teams located at different countries, I wondered if I could use it to increase the efficiency of the marketing and business development teams. I got more insight into this method by testing its use on our teams and now I would like to share my experience and impressions after the first month!

As a first step I analyzed „how we work together?”, and I came to the conclusion, there are no real differences between how my colleagues in software development work together and how we work in marketing. We have a small group (not more than 5 people) and we have to be very responsive, write marketing content very quickly since marketing communication always has to be up-to-date. In marketing communication we are collecting requirements from the management and colleagues from other departments about ‘what’s hot’, ‘what to publish’ and ‘what’s new’. We defined short sprints (ok, maybe longer than software developers, one month long sprint, and added all the tasks to sprints), with priorities and use story points to estimate the task’s complexity.

After my analysis, I set up a framework for being agile in marketing. I defined sprints, requirements and backlogs (tasks that are not attached to the sprint) as well as priorities and story points; all elements that are visible on an agile planning board (Kanban). We started one month ago and we have achieved a great improvement in efficiency of the teams in question by having strong visibility on to-dos, in progress and completed tasks. We also used the practice of daily stand ups, and used trackers to follow the status of work items. I can also see the workload of my colleagues and I can follow the completeness of the monthly sprint with just one click.

Of course there is an Agile management tool (codeBeamer Agile ALM) in place that supports my ’agile’ style of management.

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