Agile Release Planning in a Nutshell

July 23, 2014

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Initial release planning determines what product requirements listed in the product backlog should be prioritized and entered into the release backlog. Task estimation and development tasks are entirely the responsibility of the developers whereas the feature prioritization is the decision of the customer. In combination it is these decisions that determine which features will be delivered by the release deadline.

The development team does have a say in feature priority but only when the customer priorities conflict with structural aspects of software design, under such circumstances the developers can request a reprioritization to take into consideration these development requirements (assign a higher priority to those features that pose structural risks if not addressed early).

Agile Release Planning is based upon team velocity, – how much work a team can do within each iteration. Consequently, determining the velocity of a development team is critical to successful Agile Release Planning. This determination is particularly difficult for new teams because velocity is often measured on work done on previous projects and is heavily dependent on experience. A vague estimation is frequently the best that can be achieved for small teams. Typically the release plan is a fixed deadline between 2 months and a year in length.

The first draft of the release plan is usually a hard compromise between the desired features of the customer and the time requirements of the developer, however the potential ROI is known by this point and it is this figure that is the driving force forward, or alternatively if the ROI is too low the project will be cancelled.

Agile Planning Board of codeBeamer ALM software

The Agile Planning Board of codeBeamer ALM software provides you with a friendly dashboard to manage sprint and release planning. You can assign items to backlogs and sprints or move items between sprints by using the drag & drop function. It also allows you to assign work items to project members or teams. Changes to work items can be made without leaving the planning board.

Watch our short video to learn more about details of codeBeamer ALM’s Release Management functionality.


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