Agile is More than Just a Software Development Methodology

March 13, 2014

Intland-Software-Agile-Software-Development-336x336 Agile is More than Just a Software Development Methodology  agile To ’be Agile’ in business is to be able to react to the unexpected, to be able to adapt to a changing market environment and respond to consumers needs quickly. This also applies to software development.

The Agile software development processes used today address not only the needs of developers and development but also can be used to address the wider requirements of business.

Agile development is built upon development methods of the past. Methods that were, and still are inflexible because the software development lifecycle (SDLC) uses defined phases of development in which the phases require that one phase of development must be completed before the next is begun.

Agile processes address this lack of flexibility, enabling developers to manage changing requirements. With Agile developers can produce and release features and then continue to add additional features thereafter. There are many development methods such as Waterfall, Scrum or XP and these methodologies are still all in use today, however they are increasingly been fused together with Agile processes, creating hybrid methodologies, solutions tailored to individual business requirements.

An effective software solution for managing processes is therefore, one that can accommodate different models of development and even hybrid development methods. ALM is not just for Software Development but it is also suitable for many areas of business where change is a certainty.

At its heart ALM Software is a Collaboration tool, designed for efficient working processes, tailored for individual business needs. An innovative ALM solution can be also used in non software development implementations such as in marketing. It is built to accommodate SAFe® requirements and is therefore fully scalable for enterprise use and it is perfect for geographically dispersed users.

Not all ALM software solutions are the same

What sets our codeBeamer ALM solution apart from other ALM solutions is the flexibility that codeBeamer provides compared to other providers. The limitations of alternatives were recently highlighted by Amy Reichert, writing for TechTarget. She mentions specific limitations of electronic Kanban boards that do not apply to codeBeamer ALM solution. Our responsiveness to users’ requirements comes in part from the fact that Intland Software does not rely on third party developers to develop plug-ins unlike most of its competitors. Such solutions usually come at an additional cost, and not just in monetary terms, but also in terms of speed and support.

Through innovation codeBeamer remains one of the most innovative solutions on the market place which is proven by the 100,000+ users, including Fortune 100 customers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) we serve.

Check out the ground breaking features of codeBeamer ALM solution today.

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