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Intland’s DO-178C Template to Support the Development of Safe & Reliable Airborne Systems

Aviation development companies increasingly rely on embedded software to enhance their products (in terms of functionality, performance, comfort, or safety) without adding weight to airborne systems. Avionics development is a safety-critical industry: in order to help protect the lives of human passengers, product safety and reliability are fundamental requirements of all airborne systems.

Intland’s Avionics DO-178C Template leverages the powerful features and capabilities of codeBeamer ALM to support the engineering and development of high quality and safe airborne systems that comply with relevant aviation standards such as DO-178C (and its predecessor DO-178B).

Intland’s Avionics DO-178C Template offers several useful features and capabilities including:

  • Preconfigured aviation-specific requirements trackers let you define, organize, and document all software or hardware-related requirements, and save them for later re-use, supporting variants management.
  • Gapless end-to-end traceability is ensured, as codeBeamer stores all your data (including a complete change history on all items) in a single central repository, and allows you to automatically or manually establish links between various types of work items.
  • Aviation quality assurance and test management lets you define, execute and re-use parametrized test cases manually or automatically (via Jenkins) on multiple hardware and software configurations. Test coverage data & statistics are also provided and can be exported conveniently.
  • Security and approval workflows help enforce processes, provide security and access control, and support documentation in order to ensure compliance with relevant aviation standards and regulations.
  • Using baselines, you can take lightweight snapshots of all, or selected specifications or work items, facilitating versioning for compliance audits.
  • Configurability and integrations allow you to tailor your artifacts and processes to your internal requirements, or those of the standards you’re aiming to achieve compliance with, and enable you to integrate codeBeamer ALM in your current development environment.

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