Gain better visibility across teams, projects, and products. Reveal bottlenecks and accurately measure progress in your processes. Achieve predictability and reliability. Turn product development data into insights with codeBeamer ALM’s Analytics features.

codeBeamer ALM’s organically integrated, lifecycle-wide features rely on a single central repository to store and manage all your application development data. Using the platform’s advanced Analytics features, you can tap into that gold mine of information to unlock key development insights.

Efficiently support the day-to-day work of development team members with productivity reports, and guarantee a higher-level efficiency overview for management roles. Provide accurate analytics about the performance of past sprints or projects to help project managers make informed planning decisions in future projects. Accelerate decision-making across the lifecycle by building a central, shared data hub with custom reports and visualized data. Access relevant and timely information about your projects any time, anywhere, using any device.

Easily retrieve and filter any kind of lifecycle information with custom data queries, and feed that data into visual reports. Create custom dashboards to visualize application development data using a variety of preconfigured chart types and widgets. Guarantee a shared understanding of project performance and product quality with the automated sending of reports. Export, share, and save reports conveniently to ensure transparency, precision, and informed decision-making for all stakeholders.

codeBeamer’s Analytics features help you identify and measure KPIs, and automate analytics to ensure that your team members, project managers, and decision-makers access relevant information whenever and wherever they need it.

Gain clarity and visibility of team performance, projects status and overall KPIs for better decisions

Granular data queries

Use simple drag and drop to set up advanced custom queries. Search and filter any lifecycle data across projects and trackers. Apply filters with logic and conditions, and easily group and order results by any of their attributes. For advanced filtering, use our proprietary cBQL query language (based on MySQL).

Advanced reports

Ensure the timely access of relevant information by feeding the results of your advanced queries into continuously updated reports. Identify and measure KPIs to monitor progress and performance. Save and share reports with any stakeholder, or automate jobs to send custom reports. Set permissions based on roles or individual users to allow access to relevant reports for all stakeholders. Export reports to .XLS for further analysis and pivoting.

Jobs for automated reporting

Share insights and ensure the alignment of all stakeholders across the development lifecycle. Automate the sending of reports to effortlessly measure progress and monitor performance KPIs. Set up recurring reports automatically sent to certain project roles or specific team members.

Visual analytics dashboards

Build custom dashboards using codeBeamer ALM’s data visualization features. Personalize the dashboard view by choosing from a wide variety of charts and widgets to visualize the data in your reports. Share dashboards with visual information to support decision-making on all your projects. Access reports on any PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Audit Trail Reports: Efficient compliance audit preparation

Reports are not only about productivity. codeBeamer’s Audit Trail Report dramatically reduces the time and effort costs of audit preparation. This special report is a “one-stop shop” for auditors, serving as a single source of truth for lifecycle-wide compliance data. codeBeamer ALM automatically logs all your lifecycle data including user activities, and stores it in its central repository. The Audit Trail Report lets you access all that data: any and all changes to trackers, tracker fields, project roles, and user groups will be included in your Audit Trail Report. The system can be configured to store a logged history for up to a year. The Audit Trail Report is always up-to-date and is easy to export.

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