Agile-Waterfall Hybrid

hybrid1 Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Software products are getting more and more complex. Today’s products hugely differ from what a product was yesterday: their features and capabilities are extended, and services are attached to them. Physical products carry more and more software components.

Actually, the world behind those components is very different, and so are the processes. While some embedded components need to stick to the V-Model for high-level control of the Product Lifecycle and Quality Assurance, other components of the same product or product category need to benefit from Agile approaches for better responsiveness to change. The world of the Internet of Things is not black and white, not pure Waterfall or pure Agile. Therefore, today’s Application Lifecycle Management solutions need to be flexible enough to handle different methodologies contributing to the development of one end product: standards like Agile, Waterfall, V-Model or even custom lifecycle definitions.

The features and capabilities of codeBeamer ALM allow you to define and implement custom lifecycles using several methodologies and parallel processes, all brought together in one platform.