Custom Agile-Waterfall Hybrid frameworks support the use of different methodologies in parallel development streams. The capabilities of codeBeamer ALM help you manage the multiple value streams of an Agile-Waterfall Hybrid framework.

codeBeamer ALM lets you handle different methodologies contributing to the development of one end product. Standards like (scaled) Agile, Waterfall, V-Model or even custom lifecycle frameworks are easily handled by codeBeamer, with complete data consistency and traceability ensured.

Sequential development using the Waterfall / V-model for a high-level control of the product lifecycle is supported, as are Agile approaches for more flexibility and better responsiveness to change.

Intland’s Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Template comes out of the box with codeBeamer ALM, and leverages our ALM platform’s features and capabilities to implement parallel lifecycles all brought together in one custom framework.

solutions_agile_wf_hybrid-1 Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Methodolgy

Intland’s Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Template

Agile/Scrum and Waterfall/V-model can be combined in complex, n-tier architecture development projects. In most cases, hardware components are developed using a Waterfall/V-model, while software components can be managed with an Agile approach.

codeBeamer ALM comes with an Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Template out of the box. To get access to this template, simply start a free 30-day trial of codeBeamer ALM, and use the predefined Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Template when creating a new project.

Intland’s Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Template has been developed to allow you to combine methodologies and reap the benefits of any custom framework:

  • Derive tasks and requirements from user stories
  • Complete end-to-end traceability even across several projects
  • Agile Planning Board to create and manage release hierarchies
  • Sequential development & release management via Gantt charts
  • Manual and automated test management with libraries for test case reuse
  • Configurable Kanban Board for the monitoring and management of tasks
  • Sophisticated workflow support with versatile automation features
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with various software tools, REST API for custom integrations
  • Business Intelligence insights to identify process bottlenecks & to enhance performance

If you’d like to know more about codeBeamer’s features regarding hybrid project management, please fill in the following form to download our Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Template informational brochure free of charge:

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