Agile has been a hot topic among software developers ever since the Manifesto was published back in 2001. Late adopters are still jumping on the Agile bandwagon, and best practices are being crystallized by Agile practitioners to make the implementation process easier, safer, and more efficient. This free set of Agile training materials recorded as part of Intland Software’s 2017 Summer Academy sessions helps software developers, project managers, Scrum Masters, and anybody with an interest in Agile methods, tools, practices, and use cases. Fill in the form to access all videos.

Our series of 4 webinar recordings covers topics ranging from Agile requirements management through safety-critical Agile development, all the way to Agile QA and DevOps. Watch the series to get answers to questions like:

  • How do I manage an Agile lifecycle from requirements to release?
  • What are some of the Agile best practices, techniques, and tools I should know before I roll out Agile?
  • How should I use Agile in highly regulated development to ensure traceability, documentation, reporting, and compliance?
  • What’s the best way to implement DevOps practices in my development environment?
agile-requirements-development-management-from-user-story-to-test-case Free Agile Training Course

Agile Requirements & Development Management from User Story to Test Case

agile-in-safety-critical-development-a-medical-case-study Free Agile Training Course

Agile in Safety-critical Development: a Medical Case Study

agile-quality-assurance-testing Free Agile Training Course

Agile Quality Assurance & Testing

agile-operations-devops-in-practice Free Agile Training Course

Agile Operations – DevOps in Practice

Agile Adoption Trends 2017

As a +1 to this insightful series, you can also access a recording of our Agile Adoption Trends webinar which was based on our survey carried out in the summer of 2017. This video analyzes the global Agile transition process, including the challenges of Agile implementation, and possible solutions for a painless adoption.

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