Business tends to be slower in the summer. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t make good use of these little pockets of free time. Join our Agile Summer Classes for a comprehensive guide to implementing and managing Agile development using proven best practices.

In this 4-part Agile Summer Classes webinar series, our expert consultants will give you a rundown of various Agile best practices and techniques from requirements management all the way through to DevOps. Click any of the webinars below for more info, and sign up for any or all of our Agile Summer Classes for free! Can’t make it to the webinar? Just register to receive an invitation for upcoming events, and the video recordings of all these webinars right in your inbox.

intlands-agile-summer-classes Agile Summer Classes

Agile Requirements & Development Management from User Story to Test Case

26 July

Agile in Safety-critical development: a Medical Case Study

16 August

Agile Quality Assurance & Testing

30 August

Agile Operations – DevOps in Practice

13 September