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Just as the original pioneers of Agile Development, who experimented testing working practices and process in small groups, – turning theory into best practice; here at Intland Software we have pioneered the processes and practices of Agile Marketing, within our own marketing team.

In 2013 we brought together a crack team of marketing professionals working remotely, to find out what worked and what doesn’t in taking a distributed marketing team Agile. The knowledge obtained was distilled into a product for International Marketing departments that wish to go Agile.

Our “Building an Agile Marketing Team” case study is an overview of the experience gained and includes the problems faced along with some of the solutions developed for our own Marketing team.

One of the key reasons for developing this product is to demonstrate to Intland Software’s own international user base that codeBeamer versitility can provide solutions for collaborative working right across the enterprise and that Agile is not just for software development teams.

Download our “Building an Agile Marketing Team” case study to learn how to be Agile in Sales and Marketing.

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