Intland Software

Technology is transforming all industries. Software runs in all intelligent devices, and it is changing (and, in some cases, revolutionizing) the transportation, aviation, energy, communication and health care sectors. We believe that in this ever evolving digital world, the software development paradigm of making complex software has changed. To be competitive, your organization must be more lean and adopt Agile practices to save costs, and reduce development time while increasing product quality.

Intland Software helps you make better software faster and in higher quality, using cutting-edge tools and mature processes. We do so by helping you manage your software application lifecycle from Demand, Requirements, Development and Testing all the way through to Delivery. We facilitate collaboration, increase transparency and align software development with your business objectives.

Our ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) solution codeBeamer ALM helps organizations manage their entire application lifecycle from requirements to delivery. The core modules of our codeBeamer ALM solution are Demand and Requirements Management, Software Development Management, QA & Testing, and IT Operations & DevOps. codeBeamer also offers capabilities around Risk Management, Variants Management, and more.

codeBeamer ALM is designed to comply with a wide range of regulations and standards (a variety of ISO, IEC, SPICE, CMMI, FDA and DO automotive, avionics, and medical standards), and offers various preconfigured templates to facilitate compliance. codeBeamer has received a “Trusted Tool” certification by TÜV NORD, and is widely used in the automotive, defense and medical industries. codeBeamer’s customized templates include:

Intland provides products and services to its customers from its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. We are proud to serve 25,000+ users worldwide, including Fortune 100 customers and small and medium enterprises.