What is codeBeamer ALM?

codeBeamer is a holistic Application Lifecycle Management platform with Requirements, Development and QA Management capabilities. It provides end-to-end traceability, enterprise Agile scalability, and robust process control for the Medical, Automotive and Avionics industries to support compliance with relevant standards.

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Our Product

ALM consists of the following core modules:

Requirements Management

Manage requirements throughout the lifecycle. Ensure traceability by interconnecting artifacts. Collaborate, stay on top of all changes, and comply with regulations.

Software Development

Streamline your lifecycle, enforce custom workflows, and ensure efficient collaboration throughout the development process.

QA & Test Management

Execute parametrized test manually or automatically. Ensure complete test coverage. Build real confidence in your product.

For Industries


Achieve IEC 62304 & FDA compliance. Accelerate premarket approval. Develop high-quality medical devices with Intland's Medical IEC 62304 Template.


Ensure ISO 26262 compliance. Manage and monitor risks. Prevent recalls with Intland's Automotive ISO 26262 Template.


Achieve compliance with DO-178C. Develop high-quality, embedded devices. Ensure the safety and reliability of your airborne products.

Embedded & IoT Devices

Ensure gapless end-to-end traceability. Manage parallel hardware and software development lifecycles. Dock your ALM into big data systems.

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