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Simplify your work. Enjoy consistency, stability, and quality.

Extend the traceability capabilities of codeBeamer to manage repositories (Git, Mercurial, Subversion) and achieve a high level of consistency, transparency and stability. Due to this tight integration, the repositories don’t become gaps in your end-to-end lifecycle. codeBeamer’s strong Git support will help you integrate this widely adopted repository deeply into your application lifecycle. Deep integration with task management (including Kanban board) ensures the development process is effectively bound into the lifecycle. Versioning and baselining gives you full traceability throughout the development lifecycle.

  • Strong support for Git, Mercurial and Subversion
  • Complete integration into the codeBeamer lifecycle
  • Efficient task management with multi-dimensional referencing and Kanban board
  • Extensive support for all the requirements of Scrum teams
  • Easy tracking of relations, changes, user stories, requirements and tasks
  • Efficient management of your Agile release trains
  • Extensive filtering and workflow management
  • Organic integration of wiki into the development process
  • Easy to use built-in WYSWYG editor (wiki) or in-place editing with MS Office
  • Import/export from MS Office
codeBeamer is an excellent, enterprise class collaborative software development platform. The Intland professional services team provided excellent guidance in making our computer telephony integration (CTI) business requirement a success.
Patrick Deutschle, Head of IT - Allianz
codeBeamer has proven to be an Enterprise-level ALM solution. Intland’s customer support is very responsive and quick to entertain any suggestions RT Logic may have for improvement and enhancement. RT Logic made an excellent choice when partnering with Intland. Also regarding RT Logic‘s yearly ISO audits for continued certification, codeBeamer reveals a convincing performance. Each of the auditors had very positive comments about the company‘s Project Portals and were especially impressed that each person with whom they spoke was able to find the requested information on the Portal and demonstrate its age and persistence.
James Sullivan, Development Engineer - RT Logic