QA & Testing

codeBeamer’s comprehensive QA and Test Management feature set provides 360 degree traceability by associating tests with requirements, code and releases. Continuous testing, integration and deployment capabilities make codeBeamer DevOps-ready.

codeBeamer ALM is built for scaling Agile for enterprise use to support the development of complex (hardware, software and service) products. It extends the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) with comprehensive DevOps functionality to better support the alignment of development and operations teams. Continuous testing, integration and deployment can all managed in codeBeamer through its tight integration with Jenkins, all the while maintaining complete traceability. Other testing applications can be integrated via codeBeamer’s flexible REST API.

codeBeamer’s integrated Service Desk connects users with your internal development processes, ensuring that no issue is left unattended. This helps increase product quality, customer experience, and supports real time monitoring of all issues to ensure complete coverage.

codeBeamer’s QA & Test Management functionality helps you achieve higher product quality, while maintaining complete traceability. Its advanced quality assurance feature set lets you define test cases, plan and organize them into test sets and save these in test libraries for later re-use or execution on multiple configurations. QA & Testing is a fully integrated part of the codeBeamerALM system, supporting collaborative and consistent testing. Test management is integratedwith bug management, and in case of a failure at test execution, bugs are reported automatically.

Complete Traceability

Achieve complete traceabilitywith codeBeamer's QA & Test feature set, which is fully integrated with demands, requirements, and development within our ALM tool. This provides consistency & end-to-end traceability throughout the lifecycle. The Test Coverage Browser provides an overview and statistics on both the test coverage of requirements, and test execution results of all test cases.

Agile Testing & DevOps Support

Support Agile testing and bug fixing sprints. Build higher quality software using codeBeamer's continuous and parametrized testing features. Manage SLAs and benefit from real-time feedback directly from your customers: configure a user-friendly dashboard to allow them to submit bugs, change requests and other issues. Use our Service Desk as a centralized system, or as a virtual service desk for distributed working environments. Use it with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to enable interactions between telephone systems and codeBeamer’s web client, providing a single point of contact between users and IT Service Management.

Parametrized Test Case Definition & Reuse

Define test cases manually in a collaborative manner, derive them from requirements, or import them using MS Office (MS Word or Excel). Define or import test parameters and set product failure profiles to save a lot of time and effort when dealing with product variants. Save test cases in libraries retaining hierarchies and dependencies for later reuse across all projects (facilitating variants management).

Test Sets and Test Runs

Group test cases into test sets based on type, importance, product feature, etc. Use test configurations to define both the tested product and the testing environment. Initiate, track and then monitor test runs with real-time reports and testing dashboards. Analyze test results and test coverage to ensure that no critical aspects go untested.

Unit Test Integration and Test Automation

Create baselines (versioning)to record and automatically version all test-related information in the background, along with all artifacts, documents and communication at the time of versioning. Record the state of projects at strategic points in development for refactoring and auditing purposes. Browse previous baselines to uncover deviations.

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Before using codeBeamer, we had to spend at least one or two hours with customers for a conference call each week. …After applying codeBeamer, the conference call is no longer necessary because everything can be communicated clearly through codeBeamer, and this has saved us lots of time.