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Learn more about the advanced functionality offered by codeBeamer ALM software solution. Please click on the feature list below for more details.

codeBeamer Feature

Application Lifecycle Management

Requirements Management

Development Management

QA & Test Management
Project management
Project baselines
Task estimation
Work time management
Manage backlog with product, release, project, sprint
Hierarchical tasks
Agile burndown and velocity charts
Kanban and Planning boards
Support for Waterfall, Iterative and Agile Development
Requirements definition
Requirements with custom fields, workflows
MS Word-like authoring
Wiki-like authoring
Traceability for audits
MS Word / Excel import / export
Requirements management
Requirements Excel/Word Round-Trip
Doors import
Baselining, baseline comparison
Traceability matrix
Change impact analysis
Coverage analysis
Requirements based test case generation
Electronic signature
Requirements Library Management and Re-use
Change and configuration management
Commit – bug / task / issue linking for Git, Subversion, Mercurial
Subversion – repository management and visualization
Git – repository management and visualization
Git – integrator workflows, server side repo management with auto-merge
Mercurial – repository management and visualization
Mercurial – integrator workflows, server side repo management with auto-merge
Release and delivery management
Product release
Project release
Multi project release
Resource statistics
Release burn down chart
Release, requirement, QA & test integration
& test management
MS Word/Excel import / export, CSV import / export
Test case management
Test steps
Test sets
Test coverage analysis
Test configurations
Test execution
Unit test integration
Test Parametrization
Test Case Library Management and Re-use
Defect / task / issue management
Full featured tracker with customizable workflows
Dependencies, calculated fields, aggregation, distribution
Mass Edit
Issue dependency graph visualization
Multi-level issue hierarchy
Links between all kinds of artifacts, e.g., wiki, tasks, bugs, …
Notification Service
E-mail import, create issues, trigger event
Wiki based collaboration, publishing workflows
Tagging, activity streams
Indexing and full text search in issues, wiki, documents, …
Wiki plug-in
Central document management with versioning
Document baselines
Document metadata
Document full text search on MS Word, RTF, Excel, PPT, PDF, Wiki
WebDAV Access
– Configuration Management Database
Integrates release, RM, QA & test, SCM, task, change, bug management
SLA project calendar
Escalation management
Infrastructure and intergrations
Oracle RDBMS
Out-of-box localization for english / german / chinese
Windows/Linux operating system support
Behind the firewall Installation
SaaS / Cloud ready
Free and Documented API
Web-based, role-based access, reports, templates, Java / REST-API
Change history for auditing purposes
BMW-QC, Eclipse, EA, Doors, Jira, MS-Office, Hudson/Jenkins, HP-QC, Git, SVN, Mercurial, CVS, Tasktop integrations