Intland launches distributed revision control support with Mercurial

December 08, 2008

Mercurial is an emerging cross-platform, distributed revision control system for software developers. Distributed Revision Control (or Distributed Version Control DVCS, or Decentralized Version Control) is a fairly recent innovation in software revision control. Mercurial provides some significant advantages over the more traditional centralized approach to revision control, and it has some defining characteristics that separate it from centralized systems such as CVS, Subversion and others. Centralized development is a subset of what a distributed development can do. Intland is committed to support both distributed and centralized revision control systems to support the best choice for specific circumstances.

Mercurial versus Subversion?

Why do we need yet another version control system?

It’s exciting that Sun Microsystems’ openJDK (better known as Java), OpenSolaris, NetBeans projects and are using Mercurial. Mercurial is a distributed version control system. That means that rather than have one repository and many child repositories it can host a complete hierarchy or repositories that can also be geographically dispersed. There is thus no ‘central’ repository and each repository has its own version of the history of the contents. See Distributed Version Control (Illustrated). More differences can be found in the Mercurial documentation.


Mercurial plugin is in Beta and available now for CodeBeamer 5.3 M2.

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