HgEclipse 1.5.0 Final Released

January 27, 2010

As you might already know, the Release Candidate of HgEclipse 1.5.0 has been out since last November. Now we are happy to announce that the 1.5.0 stable release is available! If you were waiting for the stable release, don’t hesistate any longer. For those who are not familiar with the project: HgEclipse is a Mercurial Distributed Version Control plugin for the Eclipse IDE, which is geared towards enterprise use.

1.5.0 is the first stable release delivered by Intland. Our ultimate goal is to evolve this plugin accompanied by our free and commercial products to a truly Enterprise-scale Distributed Version Control Solution.

You can download the plugin from JavaForge.

Changes since 1.5.0RC1

A couple of days ago, we posted the sneak preview of the change list to the Facebook page of HgEclipse. We will follow this practice in the future as well, so become a fan on Facebook if you want to keep up with the project, always know all the latest and interact with fellow users.

  • History View improvements:
    • New features like “Compare with previous”
    • Icon decorations instead of cryptical action letters
    • Full set of “Open” and “Compare” context menus for the change set files
    • Highlighting the base file in the changed files set
    • Consistency fix: default action for double click is now “compare with the previous”
    • Tags can be shown for single files
    • Sigcheck analysis is optional now
    • Graph view bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • Merge View improvements:
    • Conflict dialog changed from modal dialog to use 3-way merge editor
    • New context menus: “Open merge editor”, “Open default editor”, “Mark resolve/unresolve” and “Show history”
    • Ugly text actions from the toolbar removed
  • “Compare” action now compares with the predecessor of the current version, if the file is not changed
  • Enabled reverting a file (even if file is not changed) to a specific revision from the Revert dialog
  • Added content assistance for the “Switch to” revision text field
  • New feature to “Close” named branches
  • Annotations are following file rename/move history
  • Various other bug fixes


The next release is scheduled by 2010 April. Currently we are planning and prioritizing worklog items for the next sprint, so we are keen to receive user feedback and would welcome your contribution. Tweet us what feature you would like to see in 1.6.0, and tell us what you think in general on LinkedIn.

Hey! Still here? Now the interesting part: within a couple of weeks, we will roll out a new version of the codeBeamer Mylyn connector. This will be a great addition to your free tool set consisting of Mercurial, Eclipse, HgEclipse, Mylyn and codeBeamer Managed Repositories. Imagine this:

  1. you clone a repository from Mercurial easily maintained by codeBeamer MR,
  2. pull in issues from codeBeamer to Mylyn tasks,
  3. work on resolving the issues,
  4. commit your change sets to Mercurial,
  5. then push what you have done back to Mercurial, and close issue.

All this wrapped in an unobtrusive, semi-automatic, lightweight workflow driven by pragmatic approach.


All right, happy coding now.

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