codeBeamer 5.6 Released: International Versions, Easy Git Setup and More

March 31, 2011

We have great news to share today: codeBeamer version 5.6 is available for free download! This release focuses on accelerating company wide adoption of collaboration practices.

We are lowering the barriers by providing native language experience for German and Asian users (not restricted to English anymore!), and further simplifying the introduction of Distributed Version Control, more precisely the Git and Mercurial version control systems.

Here is the list of the major changes in codeBeamer 5.6:

  • International versions: codeBeamer is now available in German, in two Chinese dialects (traditional and Taiwanese) and in Korean!
    codeBeamer finally went international, and it is now available in 4 more languages in addition to English. (Korean is currently a preliminary language version.) All codeBeamer distributions include all language packs, thus there is nothing extra to install. Even better, each invididual user can choose the language he and she wants to use, independently on the language settings of other users on the same site. In other words, this is now possible to support mixed language user audiences.
    It is important to note that this change applies only the user interface language. Managing international content has always been supported: codeBeamer supports all character sets of the world since version 1.0, ranging from Western through Asian to Arabic languages, and more.
  • Git Smart HTTP – Cloning and pushing over HTTP and HTTPS for Git: no more headache with SSH keys
    Authentication is key when using Distributed Version Control in enterprise environment. Until 5.6, codeBeamer supported Git authentication via SSH, using SSH public and private keys to identify users. While this approach is highly secure and encrypted, it makes a little cumbersome for new users to adopt Git, because they are required to generate and upload those keys for codeBeamer. From 5.6, this is possible to authenticate over the HTTP(S) protocol using your codeBeamer user name and password. The nightmare for many is over! You can find the details of setting up Git Smart HTTP in the codeBeamer Administrator Guide. Our suggestion: Intland still recommends using SSH or at least HTTPS in secure environments. Using HTTP is not recommended, as it is vulnerable by the technique called “HTTP sniffing”.
  • codeBeamer installer is preconfigured for using Git, Mercurial and Subversion via Apache
    Many Git, Mercurial and Subversion teams prefer using Apache in front of their version control systems. Launching an environment like that is not always trivial, but the default codeBeamer distribution package is now prepared to ease the initial setup. Learn more about configuring Apache for Git, Apache for Mercurial and Apache for Subversion in the codeBeamer Administrator Guide.
  • Document Management and Wiki Knowledge Management improvements for ISO 9001:2008 compliance
    codeBeamer 5.6 fully satisfies all requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard, from content management point of view. codeBeamer enables accurate versioning of content, periodic document reviews, approval workflows, complete trace of changes, full text searchibility and content consistency via baselining, among others.
  • Compatible with EGit 0.11.3
    We are confident to say that EGit with codeBeamer (via Smart HTTP conncetions) is currently the fastest route to the world of effective Git on Windows. Highly recommended!
  • Compatible with MercurialEclipse 1.8
    We have thoroughly tested this setup as well. Works as expected, ready for production!
  • Tons of bugfixes
    You are welcome to read the complete codeBeamer 5.6 Release Notes to see what has been fixed in this release.


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