Quick Insight: IT Demand Management

October 04, 2013

Urgent Sticky NotesThe demand for IT services is continuously growing. In parallel the need to understand and fulfill IT demand is increasing. Demand Management is essential for the IT department that aspires to be both predictive and reactive to change and it is equally crucial for both business efficiency and consequently competitiveness.

Without the proper demand management tool, the communication gap between “Demand Generation Units” and IT departments is significant. There are two major issues that both parties have to face. IT departments can rarely prioritize requests coming from business units and therefore are frequently unable to allocate resources properly. The lack of an integrated demand management system (DMS) often creates a blind spot; – a lack of visibility on the status of demand for business units, but it also causes a slowdown in the demand review and requirement approval processes.

Large organizations usually work with distributed teams at different locations, or with outsourcing partners in IT. It therefore makes communication and traceability that much more difficult to achieve effectively without a proper support tools. A demand management tool together with the right collaborat ion tool can solve the problem and assist the entire organization to achieve more traceability on demand flow, ensure quick prioritization of demand, and facilitate IT to react properly along priorities. The IT department can also benefit from significant cost reduction, better resource allocation, and increased transparency.

Prior to implementing demand management tools, it is strongly recommended to define a Demand-Development-Deployment work-flow, identify process stakeholders, and declare information flow for demand monitoring. An Application Lifecycle Management solution with demand management features can support the work-flow definition, demand ranking, and traceability on demand lifecycle during development and deployment processes.

The demand management functionality is integrated into codeBeamer 7.2 which makes it ideal for demand managers.

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