codeBeamer ALM: Easy Export and Import from Microsoft Word and Excel

March 07, 2014

codeBeamer ALM  Export and Import from Microsoft Word and Excel featureToday we can choose from a wide range of ALM solutions to manage the entire application lifecycle. However, there are not many ALM solutions on the market that offer all of the important modules and functions fully integrated in a single ALM solution, and fewer still from a single provider. No third party plugins and support to deal with.

The latest release of codeBeamer, version 7.2.1 provides you with five, fully integrated core modules and a lot of new and enhanced features. One especially exciting feature is the easy and comprehensive Word and Excel integration.

This feature enables you to download Microsoft Word and Excel documents that contain requirements, test cases, defects etc. to codeBeamer ALM. Once you’ve imported your document it will look like your source document and you can choose from editing it online or offline via your own computer (outside of codeBeamer ALM).

If you decide to edit a document on your computer or on someone else’s computer, then our tracking feature will precisely record all changes made to this document and automatically update the document in codeBeamer if you choose to apply the changes. No need to duplicate any requirements or documents.

Export from Microsoft Word and Excel is equally as easy and exciting as our import function. You can, not only export requirements or other issues into a regular Microsoft Word document, but also share it with stakeholders or present it on meetings. This makes it especially easy if you regularly interact, for instance, with suppliers or someone in the management who does not work with codeBeamer ALM solution. You can customize your templates and export documents according to your company’s corporate identity standards. Export now includes work item priorities and custom fields that can be changed in the exported document and imported back into codeBeamer ALM solution.

Request our project templates and import it into your system to experience the simplicity of our exciting Microsoft Word and Excel Integration feature.

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