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Why Is Business Process Management (BPM) Critical for IoT?

Business Process management (BPM) is a vital component of any device that has IoT connectivity. Its role in terms of the internet of things is to determine what is to be done with data received from other devices. With the

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Agile + ISO 26262

Agile + ISO 26262: Adopting Agile in Automotive Development

With dozens or even hundreds of suppliers, various industry regulations to adhere to, and an immense volume of software code, automotive development processes are perhaps among the most complex lifecycles that companies face. There could be over 100 million lines

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Internet of Things (IoT) Growth Forecast for 2016

Winter gives rise to analyst predictions for the following year, the most high profile of which are made by Gartner at their Annual Gartner Symposium, this year was no different, with many motivating facts and figures, predictions about the following

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Adopting Agile in Safety-Critical Development

Adopting Agile & Maintaining Process Control in Safety-Critical Device Development

A lot of companies working in industries that are highly regulated by standards and guidelines (safety-critical industries, such as the medical, automotive and aviation sectors) still rely on the Waterfall/V-model development method when creating software for their end products. While

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Software Development Trend_ Migration Project

A New Trend in Development: Migration Projects 2015

Anecdotal evidence from surveys suggests a steep rise in the number of software development migration projects in 2015; is this a new trend in development? Migration projects typically make good financial sense for companies that have already invested in proven

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ALM-PLM integration

Integrating ALM and PLM in Complex Product Development

Today’s complex products increasingly require the integration of hardware and software development processes, making ALM-PLM convergence one of the hot topics in the industry. Application and Product Lifecycle Management software platforms have been designed to support the development of software

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The Scaled Agile Framework SAFe Architecture

The Scaled Agile Framework and its architecture is the most popular method for scaling Agile for enterprise use.  It builds upon Scrum, XP and Lean Agile development processes, but in addition provides SAFe architecture necessary to Scale Agile effectively.  SAFe®

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Safety-critical development

Safety-Critical Software Development 101

Building software to be used in safety-critical environments (for example, software embedded in medical devices, automotive or aviation systems, railway software, etc) is different to “ordinary” software development. As human lives may be dependent on these systems, it is imperative

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Recruiting for DevOps Enterprise-Intland-Software

Corporate HR Beware: Recruiting for DevOps Enterprise?

DevOps is taking the world by storm, disrupting the traditional Enterprise structure, where development, Quality Control and IT operations co-exist in isolated silos.  The DevOps concept breaks down the barriers between these departments.  Such disruption comes with big changes, visible

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Intland's Avionics DO-178C Template for Avionics Development

Compliance in Avionics Development: DO-178C & more

As is the case with medical devices, automotive systems, manufacturing equipment and various other sectors, the aviation industry is increasingly relying on software. Since aircrafts and avionics systems are prime examples of safety-critical equipment, it is no surprise that this
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