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Intland’s team on Embedded World 2015

Recap: Embedded World 2015

We’re sure Intland’s team wasn’t the only one looking forward to this year’s Embedded World from 24-26 February. As the largest conference & exhibition for all professionals working in the world of embedded technology, EW is one of the year’s
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Internet of Things

How the Internet of Things is Changing the Definition of Product

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been one of the hottest topics in the tech world recently: we’re seeing wireless-enabled TVs, agricultural equipment and even refrigerators – but why is it such a big deal, and how does it affect
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How to develop hardware with Waterfall / V-Model

Hardware development with Waterfall/V-model

In most cases hardware components are still developed by Waterfall/V-model, while software components are developed by using an Agile approach. Let’s have a quick insight into the Waterfall/V-model. Basics of Waterfall/V-model development model The Waterfall methodology (V-model) is widely accepted

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Ovum Analyst White Paper: Intland codeBeamer Realizes the Benefits of ALM

Intland is proud to announce a new white paper by Ovum about codeBeamer ALM. In their paper titled One solution for all ALM disciplines, Ovum‘s independent analysts found that a rising number of companies are choosing to replace their previous
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DevOps methods, practices and tools

DevOps Part 2: Methods, Practices and Tools

In Part 1 of our DevOps series (Agile Operations: The Evolution of DevOps), we traced back this fairly recent approach to its roots, identifying the factors that led to its emergence and increasing popularity, and found that DevOps has a

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Agile Operations: The Evolution of DevOps

Agile Operations: The Evolution of DevOps

Even though it’s considered a buzzword that has been discussed extensively in recent years, it seems like even experts struggle with understanding the complete meaning, let alone the significance of DevOps. As the portmanteau of Development and Operations, DevOps denotes a

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Is the Criticism of Agile Development by Dark Agile Manifesto Fact or Fiction?

Dark Agile Manifesto: Is the Criticism of Agile Development Fact or Fiction?

An Anti -Agile movement has formed, its signature can be found on blog posts and comments across the net, downplaying the value of Agile, criticising aspects of its design. We look to the truth of the criticism found, specifically within

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Agile-Waterfall Hybrid - Cure for Software Development

Implementing an Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Solution

In our series of blog posts exploring the use of the Agile-Waterfall hybrid approach, this article focuses on the benefits that combining these methodologies could yield. To learn more about the basics of using a Hybrid solution, see our earlier post

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Git or Mercurial to go for?

Why is Git better than Mercurial?

Which of the two main distributed version control systems (DVCS), Mecurial and GIT, is better and why? This is an old argument, with forum posts galore about which is better; with users of both arguing their case, however this argument

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Agile Software Development and Agile Failures

Lessons Learned from the Failure of Agile Development

There has been much written about the strengths of Agile Development and it is heavily promoted as a solution for software development woes. However, there are some high profile failures from which there is much to be learned. High profile failures such

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