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Risk Management in Agile and Waterfall Environments

  Risks are inevitable in your software development lifecycle. Regardless of the specifics of your projects and whether you are using a Waterfall or Agile method, your team is sure to face some unforeseen or less expected issues during development.

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Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Your Retrospectives

Retrospectives are short meetings held by project teams (not necessarily, but more often than not, working under the Agile framework) at the end of each project or process, whether it’s just an iteration or an entire release. The aim of

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Roadblocks to Enterprise Scrum Adoption

In Part 1 of our Enterprise Scrum Series, entitled ’How to Adopt Scrum at Enterprise Level’, we talked about the additional Roles and Responsibilities required when scaling up Scrum for Enterprise use. The Enterprise Scrum Master has a difficult job

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Scrum for Entrprises

How to Adopt Scrum at Enterprise Level

Is Scrum an Agile framework with simple rules? Can we use Scrum for multi-team, multi-location and multi-project environment? What are the roles and responsibilities within companies using Scrum? Since 1999, we have pioneered the use of Agile from small teams

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How to Manage Conflict in an Agile Environment with PM Tools?

How to Manage Conflict in an Agile Environment with PM Tools?

The benefits of using Application Lifecycle Management tools are diverse and in some cases, a versatile tool can help out in areas you wouldn’t expect. Conflict management is one such topic: this article argues and explains how using an advanced

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Agile Requirements Change Management - Intland Software

The First Step to Agile Requirements Change Management

We often hear from Executives that the “Agile Methodology is a software development model for managing changing requirements” or perhaps just “changing requirements”. However if we go a little deeper and ask about their understanding of changing requirements or how

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Effort Estimation in Software Development Projects

How to Overcome Challenges of Effort Estimation in Software Development Projects?

Software development project managers won’t have to be reminded of the challenges of effort estimation. Despite the importance of the estimation process in project planning, trying to value the costs and efforts of software development projects beforehand is still an

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Traceability Browser: How To Efficiently Manage Dependencies Throughout the SDLC?

Managing dependencies in the application lifecycle is a difficult task. There may be numerous relationships between several types of artifacts in trackers, and in complex projects, hundreds or thousands of dependency relations may need to be managed. With bigger projects,

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Project Browser: Faster Access to Projects

Efficient Project Management with the Project Browser

Project managers probably won’t have to be introduced to the difficulties of managing multiple parallel software development projects. From defining user stories and translating them to requirements through all the processes that pave the way to testing the piece of

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codeBeamer ALM software for Change Management and PMO

The Change Management Role of the PMO in Large Enterprise

The role of the PMO (Project Management Office) is responsible for enterprise program and portfolio cost management, and training related to project management. It is for this reason that the PMO is vital for change management and facilitating Agile adoption throughout

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