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codeBeamer's Team Concept: Managing Multiple Teams & Development Streams

Scaling Processes: Managing Multiple Teams & Development Streams

Keeping pace with the ever-increasing complexity of software products alone is a challenging task. However, most companies are working on more than one sophisticated product at any given time, each of which may combine hardware, software and even service components.

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Volkswagen's 'Defeat' Scandal

Lessons Learned from Volkswagen’s “Defeat” Scandal

Volkswagen’s huge scandal has stirred up the automotive industry in recent weeks, and has brought to surface a number of interesting questions. Let us recap the events for those who have been busy hiding under a rock: by adding a

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Embedded System Projects - Software Testing - Intland Software

Embedded System Projects + Software Testing

Introduction to testing Embedded Software with codeBeamer ALM What’s the difference between testing in Embedded Software development and Application Development? Application Development is all about the user interface, whereas in Embedded software, what the user interface looks like to the
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Risk Management in Medical Device Development

Medical device development: Process Safety Management

Software quality, safety and reliability are crucial for medical device development. There are some important requirements that should be considered if it comes to process safety. We need to establish traceability for all steps performed and for each intermediate step
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codeBeamer's Service Desk functionality

Service Desk: Incorporating Customer Feedback in Development

Whatever industry you’re developing software for, your ultimate goal is to listen to your customers, and create products that satisfy their expectations. Whether your end product is a piece of software embedded in passenger cars, or a yoga mobile app,

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codeBeamer ALM Software for Automotive Industry to Avoid Failures

Consumer Demand for IoT Networked Cars Escalates

Approximately 30 Million cars will be produced in the European Union and the United States in 2015, from an estimated total of 90+ Million produced world wide.  Manufactures in Germany, Spain and France producing the most in the EU area. 

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Compliance in Medical Device Development-01

Compliance in Medical Device Development – IEC 62304, FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 14971, IEC 60601 and more

Software is increasingly used in medical devices, enhancing the functionality, operation, maintenance or user-friendliness of these products, eventually making it easier and safer for patients and doctors to use them. However, this also adds complexity to the development of these
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Variants Management

How to Manage Product Variants Efficiently?

Companies developing products for the automotive, engineering and electrical industries, among a variety of other markets, have to manage the increasing complexity of their products. Not only is this true because of new innovations and features (IoT, anyone?), but also

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ALM Software for Software Quality Assurance (SQA)-Intland-Software

ALM Software for Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

One of the biggest concerns of the CTO at any enterprise stepping into realm of software development, is how to ensure that they will get the features required within the final product. This is especially true for projects where functional

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Compliance in Automotive Development - ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ASPICE, CMMI and more

Compliance in Automotive Development – ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ASPICE, CMMI and more

Embedded electronics and software are more and more heavily used in modern road vehicles, increasing the complexity of development processes. In order to reduce or mitigate the risks introduced by this complexity, various automotive industry standards have been devised by
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