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Pors and Cons of Git and Mercurial

Why is Git better than Mercurial?

Which of the two main distributed version control systems (DVCS), Mecurial and GIT, is better and why? This is an old argument, with forum posts galore about which is better; with users of both arguing their case, however this argument

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Agile Software Development and Agile Failures

Lessons Learned from the Failure of Agile Development

There has been much written about the strengths of Agile Development and it is heavily promoted as a solution for software development woes. However, there are some high profile failures from which there is much to be learned. High profile failures such

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Is SAFe the Fast Food of Agile?

Facing Criticism: Is SAFe the “Fast Food” of Agile?

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), the standardized framework for the adoption of Lean and Agile practices in large enterprises, has had to face criticism from various sources, most importantly from famed experts such as Neil Killick (Agile and Lean thinker and trainer),

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Are you ScrumBUT? No excuses!

ScrumBUT teams have one common attitude, namely that they seem to be engaged in using Scrum… BUT… they have various excuses as to why some elements of the method have not been implemented. This approach can be a really risky

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Root Cause Analysis

Using Root Cause Analysis to Drive Process Improvement

RCA (Root Cause Analysis) is a deductive safety engineering method used to analyze a problem, identify its causes and the measures that could be taken to prevent it from occurring again (with this latter step, the method is extended to

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PLM+ALM: Millions of Product Recalls Without ALM?

We have seen that PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) solutions are growing apart from each other over the past decades. Today’s products are more complex than ever. They often contain microchips, embedded systems and diverse mechanical

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JavaForge Earns a Place in Top 45 List of Source Code Repository Hosts

Christmas and New Year’s Eve weren’t the only two events last December that we celebrated: we’re proud to announce that JavaForge has earned a place on ProfitBricks’ list of the 45 Top Source Code Repository Hosts! ProfitBricks, an infrastructure as a

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SSO – single sign-on

Convenience and Security: Single Sign-on in codeBeamer

Single sign-on (SSO) is a way to control access to multiple independent pieces of software. Basically, SSO lets you use separate tools that require user authorization (logging in with a username and password) without having to sign in to each

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Agile-Waterfall Hybrid - Cure for Software Development

Agile-Waterfall Hybrid: Cure for Failing Software Development?

Can Agile Development, the method that enables teams of various disciplines to develop software simultaneously, and continuously revise all aspects of development, be harmful for your business? Can the Agile-Waterfall Hybrid method help you repair damage done by Agile? Agile,

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Complete integrability: codeBeamer with REST API

Users don’t only love codeBeamer because it’s a complete, fully integrated end-to-end ALM tool that offers great functionality at affordable prices. They also love it because it’s a flexible system that fits snugly into their preexisting workflows. codeBeamer itself can

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