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Automotive Spice v3

Maturity Models + Automotive SPICE V3 (ASPICE)

Globalization has lead to the continual geographical redeployment of manufacturing facilities to lower cost business environments as manufacturers seek the ever elusive competitive edge. Product development has become more complex, with consumers demanding ever more advanced features, requiring a mix of embedded electronics

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codeBeamer DOORS integration

Open DOORS to Streamlined Development with codeBeamer

IBM’s® Rational® DOORS® is usually implemented as part of an enterprise suite, making it the go-to legacy Requirements Management (RM) solution for some large companies. While DOORS® offers a range of features, considering other options is definitely a good idea,

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Scaling Agile in Safety-critical Systems Development

Scaling Agile in Safety-critical Systems Development for Regulated Markets

In our post last week, we have explored how medical device development companies are increasingly transitioning to Agile to be able to develop quality products in shorter time. For them, switching to Agile entails the challenge of matching the process

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Can Kanban be Scaled? How to Scale Kanban?

Kanban is designed for flexibility when compared to Scrum for example, which is considered less flexible because it follows a blueprint, a framework for adoption. Often how teams work can ’t be standardized across an organization, consequently Kanban is often

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DevOps and The Internet of Things (IoT)

With the emergence of Big Data and the Internet of things (IoT), the value of DevOps has become all too clear, breaking down the traditional barriers between Agile Development and Operations.  This new interconnected world where business networks and their

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Using Agile in Medical Device Software Development

Software is increasingly used in all kinds of physical devices to expand the functionality of (or even completely replace) hardware components. This has been a trend in recent years across various industries, and is also the case with medical devices.
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Tools for Agile Project Management-Intland-Software

Tools for Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management can be used for a wide range of applications and industries such as construction, healthcare or automotive manufacture,although it is most often referred to with regards to software development.  What all Agile Projects have in common is

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xLM: Managing Interconnected, Overlapping Development Lifecycles

Managing the Intertwined Lifecycles of Hardware, Software and Service Development

As covered by a previous blog post & white paper on the Intland website, the Internet of Things is completely reshaping the definition of product. We are now going to explore how this affects product developers, and how interconnected lifecycles
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How To Choose The Perfect Application Lifecycle Management Solution

How To Choose The Perfect Application Lifecycle Management Solution

It’s no wonder that the adoption of Application Lifecycle Management software tools to streamline software development processes has been steadily rising over the past years. Increasing product complexity, the need to shorten time to market and to develop higher quality
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Test Management with Test Requirements Libraries

Test Driven Development (TDD) in a Nutshell

The Agile concept of Test Driven Development (TDD) has stood the test of time, emerging from the shadows cast by the test-first programming concepts of XP from where it originated (with the release of Kent Beck’s Test Driven Development by

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