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Lessons Learned from the Failure of Agile

There has been much written about the strengths of Agile and it is heavily promoted as a solution for software development woes. However, there are some high profile failures from which there is much to be learned. High profile failures

Facing Criticism: Is SAFe the “Fast Food” of Agile?

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), the standardized framework for the adoption of Lean and Agile practices in large enterprises, has had to face criticism from various sources, most importantly from famed experts such as Neil Killick (Agile and Lean thinker and trainer),

Are you ScrumBUT? No excuses!

ScrumBUT teams have one common attitude, namely that they seem to be engaged in using Scrum… BUT… they have various excuses as to why some elements of the method have not been implemented. This approach can be a really risky

Affordable license plans for small and big

To suit the needs of small and large organizations with different objectives and requirements, codeBeamer licenses are available in several affordable packages. From per-project or per-user licensing alternatives for small and medium businesses, to flexible enterprise-wide licensing options for large organizations, our license plans ensure you’ll find a cost-effective solution suited to your specific needs.

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For Teams / Small
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