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Continuous Delivery & DevOps in Practice

As those who have read our 2-part series on DevOps (click here for part 1, and here for part 2) already know, DevOps is a fairly recent IT approach that brings together the disciplines of development and operations, aligning their...

Why Upgrade from Waterfall to Evolutionary Development (EVO)

evolution waterfall We often hear that Waterfall development cannot be iterative since it was not designed to be, built at a time before the internet and mobile applications, a world much slower than today, – a time when software requirements were unlikely...

Affordable license plans for small and big

To suit the needs of small and large organizations with different objectives and requirements, codeBeamer licenses are available in several affordable packages. From per-project or per-user licensing alternatives for small and medium businesses, to flexible enterprise-wide licensing options for large organizations, our license plans ensure you’ll find a cost-effective solution suited to your specific needs.

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For Teams / Small
and Medium Businesses

Need more projects? Upgrade to our Per Project License.


For Teams / Small
and Medium Businesses

Working on several projects, or need more users? Upgrade to our 25/50 User License.


For Teams / Small
and Medium Businesses

Want to use several projects and even more users? Upgrade to our Enterprise License.


For Enterprises

from €40

* annual subscription required